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Cargo Charter Plane
Scheduled Air Cargo Network
QUIKJET progressively aims to establish an efficient line-haul network connecting high-demand catchment areas in the country, which are currently underserved, due lack of air-cargo transportation infrastructure.
Air Transport Services
Cargo Charter Plane
Air Cargo Charters
Flexible and customised solutions for one-time/ad-hoc or long-term charter operation catering to a diverse cross-section of industry requirements including:
  • Movement of Cargo with special chacteristics.
  • Relief and Military deployment.
  • Event and Exhibition Logistics.
  • Project Logistics and JIT (JUST-IN-TIME) Freight.
  • AOG (Aircraft-on-Ground) Carriage.
Cargo Charter Plane

ACMI Lease
ACMI Leases (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance)
As a specialist all-cargo airline operation, we can offer you dedicated flight operations for your specific line-haul carriage requirements, allowing you to focus your resources on your core-business functionality. ACMI leases can also be tailored to suit various operating requirements as a hybrid option in terms of the direct costs.
ACMI Lease


Air Cargo Fleet
ATR 72-200 Cargo with LCD Modules, immensely facilitates the loading of oversize goods or containers. The ATR all-freight version offers the unique capability of meeting specific regional cargo market requirements thanks to its wide cross section and a Large Cargo Door allowing michael kors outlet transportation of standard ULD containers (88x62 / 88x108) or LD3. This provides a powerful competitive advantage to regional cargo and feeder operators. The installation of the LCD module on an ATR freighter provides operators with a flexible, multipurpose cargo platform for transportation of ULD, pallets, bulk freight or both.
ATR - Large Cargo Door Fact Sheet