To be a industry leader in the Air-Cargo transportation business.

To be the Cargo-Carrier of choice offering both standard and bespoke services across an efficient air-network across the continent

Quikjet Values
  • QUIKJET Cargo shall always have the customer as the prime focus of all its business activities and will strive to continuously upgrade the benchmark of customer value and expectation.

  • QUIKJET Cargo is committed to enhance shareholder value. QUIKJET Cargo shall comply with all regulations and laws and shall prepare and maintain its accounts fairly and accurately in accordance with generally accepted accounting and financial reporting standards.

  • QUIKJET Cargo recognizes that service providers are critical contributors to its business success and is committed to partnering with them in mutually beneficial and respectful relationships.

  • QUIKJET Cargo recognizes its people as a key resource and acknowledges them as the drivers of its commitment to excellence. It is committed to upholding human dignity, respect, trust and empowerment. QUIKJET Cargo shall endeavour to be an equal opportunity employer, with merit being the prime consideration. QUIKJET Cargo shall provide opportunities for and support employees in exploring, developing and utilizing their potential and acquiring new knowledge and skills.

  • QUIKJET Cargo shall comply with all applicable, international, national and local laws and regulations that govern its business.

  • QUIKJET Cargo expects every employee to carry out the Company’s business with professionalism, honesty and integrity, displaying high moral standards and ethical business practices, without in any manner, compromising the interests of the company.